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We don't just create exceptional apps, we work with you to increase your business and create market leading digital strategies.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced designers, developers and creative thinkers based in the heart of Birmingham.

With clients ranging from multinational corporations, premium brands, top celebrities and sports stars, to one man bands with great ideas; at Sync Interactive we have the expertise, experience and creativity to produce exceptional mobile applications. We are a leading UK iPhone & iPad developer, and also cover Android development, Windows Phone 7 development and BlackBerry.

  • Mobile application & digital marketing specialists
  • Constantly pushing technical boundaries
  • Driven by creativity
  • Experience across all industry sectors
  • Highly skilled and experienced team
  • Located in the heart of Birmingham
  • Leading iPhone App development

See how we can transform your business by expanding your reach to the pockets of millions of new customers worldwide.

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What we can do for you

See how we can work together to deliver exceptional results across iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 devices for your business.

From idea generation and consultation, concept development, or ongoing technical development partnerships with marketing and advertising agencies, we are extremely flexible in our approach to how we work with our clients.

Whatever stage in the App process you are at, whether it's simply an idea, or you already have full spec sheets and front end designs ready for development just get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss how we can work together.

  • Project consultation
  • Software workflows & UI design
  • Design, visualisation & development
  • App development & technical partnerships
  • White label or own branded app releases
  • Marketing, Entertainment, Games, Internal Business Productivity apps and many more possibilities

Why Choose Sync?

There are many companies out there offering mobile application development, so why should you choose to work with us?

  • 100% in-house UK developer - unlike most companies we NEVER outsource work
  • You can speak to any of the designers or developers working on your project directly over the phone or in the studio
  • Decades of experience in the software development, marketing and design industries
  • Rapid turnaround times and extremely competitive prices
  • Proven track record and well established company
  • Experts in cross-platform development, social networking, server side and web technologies
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How we work

The Key to our success is down to the way we work. We keep everything 100% in-house so that everything from initial idea development and research, planning and development to production and testing are efficiently managed and flow seamlessly.

Over the years we have fine tuned and streamlined our process to create the most effective way of producing the exceptional results that we are renowned for. It all comes down to carefully orchestrated planning, and we love nothing more than when a plan comes together!

1. Discovery, Idea Creation & Planning

The success of any app is down to efficient planning, research and understanding your goals and objectives.

Discovery Meeting We always advise having a Discovery meeting, to sit down with our clients and understand exactly what they want to achieve from their apps and any relevant web assets, what their goals are, what technologies to incorporate and how to best achieve their goals through the use of mobile technology. If the spec list and details are already planned out in full then a general consultation is all that is needed.

Budget and Timeline We then establish the budget and timeframe for the project, with an upper and lower range and set out what can be achieved within these limitations (our team have the ability to build anything you can imagine, the only limitations are time, budget and the limits of the devices themselves).

Quote Once we have the final features and specifications finalised and signed-off, we can provide a quote and timeframe for the project

Visual & Information Design

Asset Collection & Storyboards We then collate all the assets (images, text, account and server details and any other resources needed) and then plan out the full apps architecture and information flow through storyboards, so we can help to visualise, discuss and finalise exactly how the finished product will work. This all helps to dramatically speed up the design and development process, helping keep the costs to our clients as low as possible, and to ensure the most efficient and user friendly experience for our clients customers.

Design Once storyboards have been signed-off, our designers move onto the user interface, graphical layouts, incorporation of any brand guidelines and feature integration. Working with the developers we plan out the most innovative and engaging ways to produce the features of the app to produce a truly memorable experience.

Development &amp Testing

Development Our experienced team of mobile developers will use their combined expertise to program the app to an extremely high standard with meticulous attention to detail. Using our own internally developed code libraries we will provide a stable, highly compatible and well-performing app tailored precisely to your needs.

Testing We will provide an interim release so that you can see the progress of the app at a mid point of the development cycle so that you can experience your creation being brought to life. This will then be followed by a Beta release which is a pre-release version for testing purposes. We will begin thoroughly testing at this point while you have time to use and test the app out for yourself. Once the app has gone through the User Acceptance Testing we package the app after you have confirmed that you are fully satisfied with every detail and are as excited as we are to release the new app out into the wild!

App Submission &amp Final Release

Release After final sign-off, we then package your shiny new app, produce all the relevant marketing materials to make your app pop on the App Store and Marketplace and then submit it for approval (we can also provide you with all files needed to submit yourself if needed).

Over the years we have built up a great relationship with both Apple, Android and Windows staff so can usually get your apps submitted very quickly or can set up a specific launch date to run in sync with any marketing or PR events planned around the release of the app.

Updates &amp Maintenance

Updates Once your app has been released, we can update, add in-app purchases and much more at any time. It is always useful to see user feedback and make any modifications that may become apparent after real world use of the app.

Maintenance We also provide 30 days of free bug fixes in the unlikely event that they do happen (unfortunately we don’t have every single one of the hundreds of Android, WP7 and iOS devices to test... as much as we'd love to!).

By working with us through this process it ensures the most efficient and cost effective route to the success of your application.

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Call, email or drop into the studio to see how we can work together to create innovative application solutions.

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We understand the importance of confidentiality when discussing your own or your clients ideas, as such we have provided a Non Disclosure Agreement that you can download in PDF format, sign and send back to us (post, fax or email) so that you have absolute confidence of confidentiality.


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